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Internet Streaming Rock N Roll Radio

Updated: Apr 6

Welcome to my blog

This is the first blog post for my web site, and I will talk a little about how I got started. I have always been a big music fan. I always attended almost all live concerts in my home town, because growing up in a small town, there was nuthing to do, we thought. Back in the day, it was eight track players, and FM radio.

When internet came along, online radio was introduced, and you could connect with the entire world. I always wanted an internet radio station, but getting started was to technical, and costly. I finally retired from the public work force, and decided it was time to get involved in online radio.

This web site, the streaming service, and getting my brand has taken two months to get everything to this point, and it has been a learning curve for me as I have no coding knowledge. This radio station will be a work in progress from now on, as I will be adding new tracks and artist as time goes by.

Tune in as often as you can and listen as long as you can, the more listeners the better for my stats. So come back for up dates on my blog and follow the changes as they happen.

Thanks again for dropping by, Daniel

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